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Unparalleled Commitment to the Expert Experience

Integra’s core values of others and self, make a positive impact, and do the right thing drive all we do. In alignment with our values, we aim to provide cost-effective, system-sustaining, and high-quality assessment services to the marketplace.

Integra supports the sustainability of our tort system through value based pricing, low overhead, extensive use of technology and a nominal organizational structure.

This keeps costs in line with what is sustainable long term for all stakeholders

Your Expert Brand + Integra’s Service Experience = The Right Client Solution.

Market pricing is something all medical professionals should both be aware of and take interest in, as it has the potential to directly impact medical expert brand reputation.

Integra is open to working with fee structures already in place both on the assessor and client side, within reason.

With local ownership and direct clinical oversight, Integra is best suited to provide clinical guidance upon referral intake, ensuring better use of, and appropriately assigned specialists.  While doing so, we solicit feedback to design innovative client products and expert experiences.  We always ensure appropriate spend on medical experts based on the value of the presenting claim/injuries.

Let us remove the burden of the assessment process, allowing you to focus on your clinical expertise.

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