Evidence for Fair and Just Outcomes

Integra Medical Consulting provides a range of independent medical assessment services customized to the unique needs of our individual clients. We strive to provide value to both our clients and our assessors, with emphasis on administrative support and quality control through the entire assessment process, from referral triage to invoicing.


For Medical Legal Clients and Tort Insurers

For First Party Accident Claims Managers and Adjusters

For Disability Insurance Carriers and Employers

About Integra Medical Consulting

Others Before Self

We will be:

  • Collaborative with all stakeholders including clients, consultants, examinees, staff, and our larger community
  • Unified as a team as we work towards common goals

Make a Positive Impact

We will focus on our vision by:

  • Maintaining strength of conviction to uphold our core values against outside pressures and interests
  • Striving for longevity of our business for the benefit of our clients through adherence to our values

Do the Right Thing

We will:

  • Behave transparently with one another
  • Treat everyone equitably by upholding the rights of all stakeholders
  • Ensure our medical consultants remain objective and impartial